Loony Blurbs (2)

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Loony Blurbs is a meme running on every second Thursday created by Emily @ The Loony Teen Writer where bloggers create book blurbs only based on the titles! As you can guess, the possibilities are endless. So without further ado, here is what I have created for this week's books:

16067008Stitching Snow by R. C. Lewis

Living in the icy kingdom of Kisindra, the Grand Witch relies on the cold climate to survive. The rumour is that even the icy surroundings are not as cold as her heart. Everything she wears is made of the snow that falls continually from the sky. Cara, a lesser witch, is one of the seamstresses working in the witch's quarters and stitching snow to create the elaborate gowns which the sinister Grand Witch wears to ensure that her personality never warms and her power is absolute. However, when suddenly the snow begins to melt and the weather becomes warmer, Cara has a chance to escape the witch's control and finally be free in the land where the sun still shines.

18668051The Secret Hum of a Daisy by Tracy Holczer

Emma thinks that she can hear plants and animals talking to her. She feels what they are feeling and had always had green fingers, attending to the flora in her grandmother's garden. Everyone else at school thought she was crazy, but when she hears her grandma Jo's Daisy tell her that she is going to get very sick soon, Emma begins to wonder if what the daisy was saying was actually right. Could it be that she wasn't so crazy after all? As her beloved guardian's condition worsens, Emma begins trying to find answers from the daisy and the other plants in the garden. 

17566814Midnight Thief by Livia Blackburne

In the year 1873, as the clock struck midnight in the city of Venice, the famous opera singer Maria Colotti's prized jewels went missing from her room while she was still sound asleep. As similar occurrences happen across the city, always at the strike of midnight, the whole population turns suspicious as to who would be such a successful thief in their midst. When Alby, a young pickpocket, catches the thief in person and discovers that he was actually his mentor, Alby is forced to make a decision of whether to turn him in to the authorities or learn his secrets for himself. 


Stop in the Name of Pants! by Louise Rennison

'THE PANTS ARE COMING! RUUUUUN!' Unfortunately for fourteen year old Zara, her life was at the moment much worse than an instance of mutant pants coming to terrorize the city. No, this was a fashion problem. A big one. She was told by Chrissie Harrison that her friend Macie's party was a casual fling, when instead Chrissie had deceived her and it was actually a formal affair. Zara could feel the humiliation all over again just thinking of that moment when Macie said 'Stop in the name of pants!' and told her to leave the party unless she had a dress right then to change into. When fashion is such a defining issue, Zara has to prove to Macie that she does have some fashion sense. And can respect a dress code.

Worry WartsWorry Warts by Morris Gleitzman

Every time Harry Portlon worries about something he grows another wart. Needless to say, after only just making some new friends Harry has a lot to worry about. When he first met them, he had played the part of the 'cool kid' well. But Harry can't be someone he isn't forever. When his new group finds out that at heart he really is a geeky nerd who likes astrophysics and has no real passion for football, will they still want to hang out with him? How many more warts will he have to endure before he is finally ready to be comfortable in his own skin?

17162The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier

The Kingdom of Chocolate and the Milk Kingdom had always had their tensions. Some said that dairy was the essence to survival, whereas the chocolatians rendered cacao beans essential to maintaining good health and longevity. When tensions between the leaders of these two nations reached new heights, it became known as...'The Chocolate War'. So in the end will this situation turn into a chocolate smoothie, or just an average chocolate milkshake moment in history? Time will tell.

6665671Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A. S. King

Vera Dietz had always been an introvert, quite content to stay in the shadows of the corridors and stay in the corridors where she could hide from the incriminating stares from her classmates and be herself. It wasn't that she was unhappy, she was just quiet and liked to spend time alone with the fictional characters she found in the novels she read. When Sally Freedan comes up to her one day and seems to want to be friends with Vera, will she be ready to finally let someone else into her bubble and finally have the confidence to be herself?

So, what do you think of my blurb creations?


  1. I can FEEL the atmosphere in the Midnight Thief :) I so want to read that book!! Speaking of which, I really need to read Masquerade...Stitching Snow is also really excellent :D

    1. I had fun doing that one! Masquerade is fantastic, I hope you get to reading it soon :)

  2. Just an average chocolate milkshake. *giggles insanely* YES, YES I LOVE THESE. I particularly like The Chocolate Wars and also Stop In The Name Of Pants. XD You're a genius!

    1. Thanks Cait! I knew I had to put a chocolate-pun in there somewhere.

  3. These are fantastic. All of them. I can't pick a favourite :)

  4. Eugenia, these are so good! Every fortnight I'm always surprised (in the best possible way!) about how many incredible and creative blurbs I read. :) My favourites this time around would have to be The Chocolate War and Midnight Thief.

    1. There are so many possibilities for blurbs and it's great to have an opportunity to let your imagination run wild :)

  5. Stop in the Name of Pants and The Midnight Thief sound so good! Man you have real novel ideas there. *stalks your blog until you write the books
    Olgia @ Orange Owls & Books

    1. Lol that's true, although I'm sure the original versions are awesome too! Speaking of which, I'm actually going to look into reading some of these...


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