Review Policy

All books that I receive from authors and publishers are in exchange for an honest review, and no compensation is given or taken to do so. Some of my past reviews can be found at Chasm of Books where I co-blogged previously.

Self-Published/Indie Authors:

If I haven't read any of your books before, I may not be able to fit your novels into my review schedule. That being said, I do support the indie author community and if your work sounds like something I would really enjoy then I may consider it. Any reviews posted here and on Goodreads are my own thoughts and opinions, but I do try to find the positives and be open-minded about what I read.

Please do not send me a copy of your book until I have clearly stated that I will read it, as sending through unsolicited copies won't guarantee you a review.

I am not open to review requests from indie authors I haven't previously worked with before at this time

Publishing Houses

Thank you so much for sending me books to review, I  always try my best to in all reviews for books I receive into the blog schedule around release dates. I am willing to participate in author events and blog tours.

Thank you for your consideration :)

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