Loony Blurbs (5)

Friday, 9 January 2015

Loony Blurbs is a meme running on every month created by Emily @ The Loony Teen Writer where bloggers create book blurbs only based on the titles! As you can guess, the possibilities are endless. So without further ado, here is what I have created for this week's books:

red queenRed Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Queen Margareta had ruled the kingdom of Kardia for over 200 years...much longer than any normal human could live.

She is the lifeblood of her realm - in a more literal manner than anyone could have thought. And those sacrifices she keeps ordering? Well, there are more sinister reasons why she needs those, not just to 'please the gods' like everybody thinks. But people are starting to get suspicious, and a rebellion is on the horizon. Will her secret be safe?

eat the sky, drink the ocean
Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean (assorted authors - edited by Kirsty Murray)

The Skyfliers and the Seadwellers have always had some friction since the great divide and war which shook both of their empires. Those above the seas have wings, while those below have gills. Each have lives their separate ways, and co-existed for hundreds of years.

But Ella is different - she was born with both wings and gills. A mutation. An ultimatum. A choice. Where will she live for the rest of her life?

solitaireSolitaire by Alice Oseman

Valery Kirks always thought she wanted to be a high-flying businesswoman in the corporate world. But, at an internship in one of the most prestigious financial firms in the country, she finds that it's more than just doing a good job that matters. It's all about the suits, and how you play the game.

Suddenly all those games of solitaire she used to spend her time on might just come in handy. She has to learn to play her cards right if she ever has a chance of landing the job of her dreams.

scrambled eggs at midnight
Scrambled Eggs at Midnight by Brad Barkley

'Fooooood glorious foooood!' is what Kayla Grey always thinks to herself every time she opens the fridge. Sure, she may be a bit on the chubbier side, but she's a girl who's always embraced her curves.

Until she starts at a new school. Where every other girl seems to be stick-skinny and eat celery all day long. But does Kayla really want to be like them?

Suddenly all those scrambled eggs at midnight and giving into those food cravings is something she's regretting.

stormdancerStormdancer by Jay Kristoff

Eiden controls storms. When he's there, swirling the clouds and orchestrating bursts of thunder and lightning, he's truly in his element. It's a dance of sorts, making sure everything is in time with the music of the seasons and where the weather should be at that time.

But one day Eiden's powers get out of even his control. And he doesn't know how to fix it.

Time to make a call to Mother Nature. Luckily he has her number.

not a drop to drinkNot a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis

Althea is allergic to water. Which is kiiinda awkward when she's living in an underwater city. Every time a leak springs out of the roof, she has to find cover ASAP before she breaks out in hives or can't breathe.

The Cila berry juice is what's kept her alive for so long without having to drink H2O. Unfortunately, this year there was a bad harvest, and her precious berries are running out. Fast.

How will she survive?

astrologer's daughterThe Astrologer's Daughter by Rebecca Lim

Phoebe is looking into her family's history for a school project, not that she expects to find anything different to what she already knows. They're pretty boring really.

But - while looking in the cupboard for some old photos, she comes across an astrology kit. But who on earth in her family would be into...

Oh wait. Suddenly her mum's secret behaviour and ramblings make a lot more sense.

What do you think of my blurb creations?


  1. I love all of your blurbs so much! They are so creative! I think Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean sounds the best. It's like a unique twist on The Little Mermaid tale, and it totally sounds like a book I would read. Not a Drop to Drink also sounds like a really interesting book. It would be horrible to be allergic to water!

    1. Thanks Ana :) I can't wait to read the actual Eat The Sky, Drink The Ocean, it looks amazing!

  2. Can I just say - your blurbs are TEN TIMES more informative (and gripping) than the ones the publisher provide. I actually know what the book is ABOUT, which is a huge plus for making me want to read it (e_e). Excellent, excellent post!

    Btw, I wanted to read Stormdancer already but you made me want to read it more ._.

    1. OH OH I forgot to say! I wanted to read Solitaire, but now I have discovered the blurb has ENTIRELY MISLEAD ME I do not want to read it anymore. e_e

      <3's to you. You have gained +1 follower. (psst: it's me.)

    2. Oh hang on! I just realised you CREATED the book titles! How creative! That made me love this post even more, despite discovering that I am a complete idiot. Hahaha! Laughing so hard.

      ... I still don't want to read Solitaire anymore.

    3. Haha glad you liked my creations and thanks for stopping by/following Ashana :)

  3. Those blurbs are hilarious. What a fun meme!

    1. Thanks Cynthia, it's definitely a fun meme to be apart of!


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