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Thursday, 29 January 2015

loony literate launch

As part of Emily @ Loony Literate's new blog and name change from 'The Loony Teen Writer', she's invited other bloggers to spread the word! So, here are my answers to the trivia questions she put up:

1) What’s something a bit LOONY about you? 

When I saw this question all I could remember was this Big Bang Theory moment:

There's nothing too loony about me, but I do remember I had this phase after seeing a spider in the corner of the bathroom ceiling where I looked up at the ceiling every time I went into a room just to check there wasn't anything there.

2) Since I’m Australian – what’s your favourite book by an Australian author? 

Oh Emily this is a tough pick! (so...I'm going to pick three)

  • Genesis by Lara Morgan (The Rosie Black Chronicles #1)
  • A Waltz for Matilda by Jackie French
  • Beautiful Malice by Rebecca James

3) What’s your favourite kind of post to write, and why? 

Discussions that are fun for you guys to read, and posts that support author and the blogging community. Booklovers REPRESENT.

Jennifer Lawrence has facial expressions and gestures for every occasion it seems.

4) Favourite genre of YA? 

I honestly don't have one particular favourite, since I find some of my best reads in all types of genres. I love historical fiction, but also a contemporary done well, mindblowing thriller, or dystopian that has great worldbuilding.

5) Biggest blogging goal? 

It would be pretty awesome if I got a quote from one of my reviews in a book, we'll see if that ever happens!

6) Name another blogger who has been an inspiration to you. 

I think the whole blogging community when we come together can be an inspiration to each other. For me, the amazing Aussie bloggers like Emily that I've met online and in person are shining examples of booklovers who have fantastic features and fabulous blogs in general.


7a) A 2014 contemporary YA release where the main character is called Emily 

That would have to be 'Since You've Been Gone' by Morgan Matson!

b) Madam Rosmerta from Harry Potter makes lovely oak-matured what? 


8) If you haven’t done this already, look up your full name (or your pen name if you use one) on an anagram finder. What’s the best anagram of your name?

I used my blog name and got 'Bike anion ego'

9) One thing you want to see more of in YA? 

I read Time Riders by Alex Scarrow ages ago and have since been wanting to find some more books focusing on time travel that are just as entertaining.

10) And finally – are you excited about Loony Literate????

I can't wait to see what Emily comes up with at her new blog home! 


  1. This survey looks like a lot of fun especially with all the references to Emily! Discussion posts are a lot of fun to read and write. I love the Aussie book blogger community too :)

    1. It was a lot of fun to write up - Emily did a great job :)

  2. YES! More time travel in YA! I remember reading Time Riders (I only read the first one), and I enjoyed it. I also loved All Our Yesterdays. But they're the only books I can think of with time travel in them.

    1. I've only read the first one as well - come to think of it, I might check out the rest in the series...

  3. Hi Eugenia! Nice to finally meet you!!! You're talked heaps in the Aussie blogosphere. In a good way, don't worry! I absolutely adore a Waltz for Matilda as well. She was one of the first characters that I really admired and looked up to.

    1. Hi Faith - nice to meet you too! It's so fantastic to find another Jackie Fan in the Aussie blogger community :)

  4. This is really cool! I love the remark you made about the blogging community. It's totally true and the way you put it was flawless. It's awesome that I get to know you in this tag. Keep up the fun posting!

    1. Aw thanks Nova! :) I hope to post more fun content in the future!

  5. Your gifs are on point, Eugenia. This was fun to read. Nice post!

  6. Yaaay I'm so excited for Emily too!!! *cheers and throws confetti and cake* I agree though PFFT we should not have to pick ONE genre. That is just mean. How dare she make that question.
    I once had a huntsmen in the bathroom with me...it totally ran at me, and now I always check behind doors when I go in. I'm suitably scarred. >.> Spiders are the worst.
    I love a Waltz for Matilda. A Rose For the ANZAC Boys made me sob.

    1. Exaaactly - picking one genre is next to impossible! That huntsmen incident sounds scary *shudders*
      A Waltz for Matilda and A Rose For the ANZAC boys are two of my favourites by Jackie, and both of them got to me emotionally as well.

  7. Oooh awesome answers! Omg how are you meant to choose just one Aussie author favourite?! Impossible! I think my favourite Ya genre will always be fantasy, but I do love me some sci-fi as well. And yessss, I really want more time travelling books. But they have to be done right or it'll result in my screaming at the characters the whole time :P

    1. Thanks Joy :) There are SO many Aussie authors I've come across and loved their work, it definitely is impossible to narrow it down! Time Travel definitely has to be done right to be enjoyable, and when you find the ones that are, it's even more special!


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