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Monday, 13 March 2017

The Last McAdam by Holly Ford
Released: 22nd February 2017
Published by: Allen and Unwin
Genre: Romance 
RRP: $29.99 
Pages: 304
Can Nate McAdam win the heart of the woman who’s taken over his farm? The Last McAdam combines an unforgettable cast of characters with an irresistibly entertaining tale of romance, suspense and the unbreakable bonds of friendship.

Passed down through the same family for over a century, the remote sheep and cattle station of Broken Creek has recently been taken over by global agribusiness company Carnarvon Holdings. Now Carnarvon has sent its best troubleshooting manager, Tess Drummond, to turn the property's failing fortunes around - fast. When Tess arrives to take the reins of Broken Creek she's faced with a couple of nasty surprises. For starters, her head stockman, Nate McAdam, happens to be the same gorgeous stranger she hooked up with - and ran out on - a few weeks before.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Nate was supposed to inherit Broken Creek until his stepfather ran it into the ground. Now the last McAdam on the station leads a team of men whose bonds have been forged through hell and high water and whose mission is to see off Carnarvon and Tess so he can take his rightful place. A genius with farm work - and women - but a disaster in the office, Nate is everything Tess believes a farmer shouldn't be. Determined not to give in to her growing attraction to him, Tess sets out to do her job, but she soon finds herself caught up in the battle of her career.
Guest Post by Holly Ford

As a writer, I can get asked a lot of questions - which is fair enough, because they’re rarely as strange as the questions I ask other people. At the moment I’m enquiring of every sheep farmer I know if they’re testing their rams for brucella ovis this year (and since testing demands a thorough feel of the testicles, I’m getting some pretty odd looks for my trouble). If you needed to raise your micron count in a hurry, what would you do? How do you rotate your grazing? Not so long ago I found myself sitting at an elegant table over a beautiful meal discussing drench resistance and acceptable levels of faecal egg count.

It’s not that my books contain pages about such things - I promise they don’t! But I do need to set the scenes. Okay, so it’s late summer now at Broken Creek Station… What is Tess doing out there in the paddock? Why does Nate turn up? These are questions that have to be asked, and each time around they require a different answer.

Farmers aren’t the only ones who get the third degree. Service station owners, mechanics, sales reps… Nobody’s safe. And certainly anyone foolish enough to admit to being a paramedic or a helicopter pilot in front of me is in for a world of trouble. Would you give Tramadol for a broken leg? How long do rotor blades take to stop? What drives the motor of an irrigation pump? (As a water pump manufacturer’s daughter, I ought to have known that one, but it’d been a while.) If I cracked a Range Rover’s sump in Omarama, could you fix it there? How long would I have to wait for parts?

It’s amazing what you can find yourself insatiably curious about for a while… and then, just as quickly, the need is gone. My poor long-suffering husband will bound home with the answer to some question I spent three days obsessing over to be rewarded only with a blank look and an ‘I don’t care, darling - that was last month.’

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