Review: Corruption by Jessica Shirvington

Monday, 3 November 2014

You can read my review of Disruption, the first book in the series here

19035609Corruption by Jessica Shirvington
Released: 1st November 2014
Series: Disruption #2
Published by: HarperCollins
Genre: YA Futuristic
Source: BTCYA
Pages: 437
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars
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How do you live with yourself when you’ve deceived the one you love? How do you move on when the person you’ve been fighting to save betrays you? Two years ago, Maggie Stevens began the hunt. Four weeks ago, Maggie’s world fell apart, when she finally found what she’d been looking for. And when Quentin, who had blindly trusted her, unravelled her web of lies.

 Now, Maggie lives in the dark. But she’s not about to stay there. Not when she still has to bring M-Corp down. Not when there is still a chance she could win him back. In the exhilarating conclusion to Disruption, Maggie must do whatever it takes to show the world the truth. And the price for her quest? Everything.

Thank you to HarperCollins Publishers Australia for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

I just....I don't even know what to say because this book was just SO GOOD.

Yes, I think that's how I feel right now.
I'm going to tell you a story about a girl who lost her dad and had her world fall apart. And then I am going to tell you the story about the woman she became. 

Corruption is an intense read and exhilarating conclusion to the duology, delivered with Jessica Shirvington's flair for creating stories that captivate readers from the first page to the very last. The last books that end a series are always going to be epic reads, and I found myself completely immersed in the novel as new secrets were revealed about M-Corp, revolutionary movements began to emerge, and Maggie once again shone as a character who was totally badass yet still had her moral compass as well.

Illuminated by the deceptively friendly city lights, it was different to the darkness that had overwhelmed me all those weeks underground. The world, for all our failures, still held wonder and beauty. Even in the dark.

If Disruption convinced me of Jessica Shirvington's stunning talent as a writer, then Corruption completely affirmed it. This book has everything a reader could want - action, intrigue, witty banter and a kick-ass female protagonist who is willing to call the shots. 

I absolutely loved Maggie's character and how she further developed throughout the course of the novel. It begins just where the first book left off, and from that very moment it is evident that Maggie is a fighter. She's determined, confident and courageous, willing to make the biggest sacrifices to save those she cares about, including Gus, Quentin and her mum and brother Sam. 

There will be no turning to someone else. No exploring other ratings or opportunities. For me, it's simple. It's either us together. Or me alone.

When it comes to Quentin and Maggie...

In the midst of a world where Pheratech and ratings come to dominate life through the M-bands, their relationship is genuine - and they are a 'true match'. Despite the many ups-and-downs of their bond and challenges along the way I loved seeing how they developed as a couple. The romance by no means completely dominates this book though, as it leaves plenty of room for the other elements to shine through. The other characters in the book were given equally enough investment, and I especially appreciated the witty banter between Gus and Maggie, since it gave some lightness and humour to what is otherwise a very emotional read at times. The twists and turns kept coming, loyalties were tested and at the end of the day I am satisfied with how it all ended, even though it was bittersweet.


WOW. Corruption left me glued to the page and I enjoyed every minute of reading it. It took me through a myriad of emotions and if you haven't read this series yet I'd strongly recommend it!


  1. Yessss I'm so glad everyone is loving it! Quin and Maggie <3 also, Maggie and Gus were hilarious as always. *lip trembles* *sobs* Perfect ending to an awesome series.

    1. It's been really well received so far, and it definitely deserves the praise! I have to admit, I almost cried in this one, because there were some pretty intense moments. The romance was executed really well too which was a big plus :)

  2. I'm glad you liked this one so much, Eugenia! Unfortunately, I didn't like it as much as Disruption, but I can definitely see where you're coming from.

    Jessica Shirvington is a really good writer, and if you haven't read her novel Between the Lives, I highly recommend it!

    1. I really can't wait to read Between The Lives, when holidays come around again I'll definitely find the time to read it!

  3. Gah, you guys are all so convincing. Every time I see the the books, I am so tempted to buy it. But then I think about all the books I have waiting for me on my shelves and on my e-reader. D: I promise though, I will read this duology (it's a duology right?) one day!

    1. Ah that's the ultimate dilemma - too many books to read already and so many more coming up all the time! It is a duology, and an amazing one at that!


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