Genie's Weekly News (28)

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Hi everyone and welcome to my weekly blog feature to recap the week with bookish news and what to expect coming up! So without further ado...

*Reading Right Now*


I need a cute and fluffy read after finishing the rollercoaster which was The Winner's Crime. 

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*Recommendation of the Week*


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Thank you to Allen and Unwin for these review copies!
  • Stay With Me by Maureen McCarthy - I'm looking forward to this one, especially with the family drama aspect. 
  • Pandora Jones: Reckoning by Barry Jonsberg - This is the last book in the Pandora Jones series and I am looking forward to hopefully having all the answers revealed!
*Movie Reactions*

So I watched Insurgent with some friends this week, and to be completely honest I was a tad underwhelmed. Though I LOVED Divergent since it had that big climax and the action was all there, in this case not only was the movie quite different from the book, but it just for me didn't have that same punch. The special effects were all there and there were some intense moments, but I'd probably only rate this a 6.5/10. Did anybody else feel the same way or is it just me?

*Other News*

TeenCon 2015 is happening which is exciting - and the book boyfriend battles between the various Australian publishing houses is well and truly ON.

I'm with the #SparkArmy team for Jamie from 'Spark' by Rachael Craw

The image above will take you to the Goodreads group which has been made public, and there you can also find some graphics made by the members (including some quote ones from yours truly below), that can be used to spread the word. Jamie may be the underdog, but he does have a fighting chance! #TeamJamie

How has your week been?


  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post, Eugenia!! I can't say you're instilling a lot of confidence in me for The Winner's Crime - I feel like it's going to tear me apart.

    1. You're welcome Ely! It is a torturous read (but in the best way I promise!)

  2. Enjoy Love Bomb! I'm really looking forward to reading that one. For some reason I was really pleasantly surprised by Insurgent. I mean I'd read sooo many negative reviews of it beforehand so my expectations were lowered quite a bit. But I agree with you. It definitely wasn't as good as the first one, I thought! And I really don't like how they're splitting the third one into two movies. Gah.

    1. That's good that you were pleasantly surprised - I was hoping for more but I guess I was comparing it too much to the first one. Thanks for stopping by, hope you like Love Bomb :)

  3. Love Bomb was cute huh? Man, I need to read that one soon! HOW CRUSHING WAS WINNER'S CRIME THO!!!

    Insurgent was meh for me as well. Totally not digging it, and the fact that it ate into Allegiant's plot! CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN AT TEENCON LOVE!

    1. Oh gosh it ripped my heart to pieces! There was sooo much tension. But I loved it all the same - can't wait for the next book. YES WE SHALL MEET AGAIN - can't wait for TeenCon :)


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