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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Hi everyone and welcome to my weekly blog feature to recap the week with bookish news and what to expect coming up! So without further ado...

*sings* I'm baaack! Half-yearly exams are over and so now I can officially get back to blogging and tackling my enormous TBR. If all goes to plan I'll be able to post more regularly once again and have some more discussions up as well. 

*Reading Right Now*

There is a lot happening here - I'm trying to multitask and get back on track with my reading after taking that break. 

*Previous Posts*

*Recommendation of the Week*


I just finished the third book in this series and throughout the whole journey there were twists and turns along with a fantastic sci-fi mystery with an Inception-like feel. Definitely recommend!

*From The Interwebs*


Thank you to Penguin Teen Australia, the Five Mile Press, Simon and Schuster Australia, Hachette and Walker Books for the review copies!

*What I've Watched*

Sure, it's a fairytale that we all know will end in a happily-ever-after, but this movie brought it into an even more extravagant light. Lily James played the part really well, and Richard Madden was quite a good Prince Charming too. I loved seeing some actors from Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones come together in the same movie!

Just remember:

"Always have courage and be kind"

I love historical drama, and I pretty much binge-watched this series. In the midst of the conflict from The War of the Roses, this offered all the drama from court plus the deceit and manipulation that came with it. After discovering there isn't a second series I was quite annoyed because it could have been taken so much further - the ending, though complete, felt rushed in a sense. 

Any other historical dramas like this you think I would like? I'm open to any recommendations!

*Other News*
  • Whatever your beliefs, I hope you have a lovely Easter Sunday and enjoy the rest of the long weekend!
Full of lots of chocolate of course.
  • Next week there'll be some different posts, including my thoughts on translations, participating in Autism Awareness Month which one of my favourite authors Ginger Scott has organised, another #JLBGivesAwayanINDIE promo and the 'We All Looked Up' blog tour! Here's the schedule:

  • #VeryRealisticYA
I came across this hashtag just the other day and some of the ideas people came up with were fantastic! Here are a few of my inputs into the conversation:

How are you spending your long weekend? Do you anticipate eating mountains of chocolate?


  1. I've eaten my mountain of chocolate and then felt bad and detoxed it out already LOL

    WOOOT GO YOUUU WITH THOSE EXAMS! Enjoy the holiday Eugenia! You'll treasure these two weeks once you get into another term of hell :))))))))))))))

    Aaaah historical fiction tv dramas huh. Well I feel like I've seen everything under the sun by now. I like The Tudors and The Borgias, quite dramatic but also quite explicit and I don't know how PG13 you want this LOL The Paradise is quite good!

    1. Haha same here (and there's still a heap left in the pantry...)
      Ah that *does* sound *just* great - SOO much to look forward to (that's as sarcastic I can get while just typing lol) BUT holidays are good so yes I shall cherish them :)
      Ooh I've heard of those - might give them a try, thanks for the recs Jess!

  2. CONGRATS ON FINISHING YOUR EXAMS! Now you can celebrate with chocolate AND books. :) Enjoy your book haul, too. I've heard great things about I'll Give You the Sun. ^_^

    1. Indeed! I'll Give You The Sun looks really promising - I'm going to get to it really soon :)

  3. Ooooh I thought Prince Charming in Cinderella looked familiar but I couldn't place him, now I'm just sitting here face palming at that revelation (though in my defence, I've only seen the first 8 episode of GoT lol)

    I have not eaten much chocolate so far this Easter Sunday, which is unusual and a little sad. Maybe I'm learning to savour it? Stranger things have happened :P I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    - Wattle @ Whimsical Nature

    1. Fair enough :) I seem to have this thing where I'll be watching a TV show/movie and just spot actors I've seen somewhere else and it'll take me a few minutes to figure it out sometimes but then there's the *lightbulb* moment!

      I'm sure your chocolate eating will come, you'll appreciate it even more when you feel like it!

  4. Enjoy all the chocolate Eugenia! You're reading a lot right now, I'm struggling with one right now, but no, I will win against my reading, I will read all the books very soon! Oh oh, and thank for linking me, TWICE, it means a lot to me that you like them enough to share, so thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful week!<3

    1. Yes you will! I was in that same situation, but got through it, and so can you :) You're very welcome - hope you have a great week too <3

  5. HOORAY for the completion of exams! And now you can celebrate by gorging yourself with chocolate. Don't worry, I've been eating chocolate all weekend to celebrate for you. What an awesome haul! I plan on Starting I'll Give You The Sun tonight as well, I loved The Sky is Everywhere and hoping it's just as poignant and emotional.

    Have a wonderful week of reading poppet and thanks for sharing <3

    1. Chocolate all round! - that really is the best way to celebrate :)
      I'll Give You The Sun looks amazing, and The Sky Is Everywhere is something I'd really like to get to soon as well.

  6. Okay SO looking forward to We All Looked Up. Totally checking out your recommendation of the week. Your last tweet on here made me laugh. I think sometimes people think authors write metaphors when they actually don't, too. (Sometimes I wonder about all of the supposed ones in classics.) Also, I love your breakdown of posts on the interwebs! :) Have a blessed weekend, Eugenia! <3

    1. I really loved We All Looked Up - it was so unique and realistic. Haha I know what you mean when it comes to those metaphors, I guess sometimes it just comes naturally to a writer. Hope you have a lovely week too :)


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