SPARK TRILOGY GIVEAWAY! (AU/NZ) + Special Post by Rachael Craw

Monday, 28 November 2016

Graphic made by Eugenia @ Genie in a Book

With the holiday season approaching, we all know the feeling of glancing wistfully at our shelves...and making enormous lists of books we want to add to them for the new year. Thanks to Walker Books Australia and Rachael Craw, I'm giving away the whole SPARK trilogy to one lucky winner from Australia or New Zealand. 

Not to mention...yes - this series is one of my favourites of all time

You know, for that bookshelf aesthetic that's impossible to turn down.

Image provided by Walker Books Australia

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Some of my favourite moments from the series

Special post from Rachael Craw

Merry Christmas, friends! A colossal thank you to Walker Books Australia and Spark Army General, Eugenia, for generously hosting week one of the Spark Trilogy Christmas Giveaway on her beautiful blog. And thank you everyone for taking the time to stop by be sure to enter to win a complete set. And if you’re not lucky this week, keep your eyes peeled for Kelly’s blog next week and my newsletter the week after! (Don’t forget to subscribe @

Since the release of Shield, the final instalment in the Spark series, I have started work on a new novel which is both exciting and daunting. A whole new world to explore, new characters to fall in love with and new dangers and adventures to send me running for the heart medication. Y’all know me well enough by now to expect a story set in the real world with a fantastical/speculative twist. Well, at the moment the twists are giving me whiplash and making my head spin! So, this weekend I indulged in some quality procrastination to ease the agony of drafting my new WIP.

If you’ve been neglecting your nanowrimo or hiding from your TBR here are:

Rachael’s Top 5 No Regrets, Pre-Christmas, Procrastiwriting/Procrastireading Activities.

5. Put up the Christmas tree!

Traditionally, I am a December 1st girl but I have a busy week and no patience for a mid-week decoration project. Besides, our tree is a colossal 6 footer and it takes hours of sweaty, scratchy negotiation to get it up and looking pretty. I must confess to being a bit of a Christmas tree Sergeant Major. I like it, just right. Clearly, I have traumatised my children enough to follow in my footsteps and they all pulled together to produce a dazzler. Can you rope in a sibling or flatmate to get your tree up? Since it’s such a wholesome family activity – bonding over twinkle lights – guilt about avoiding your WIP or TBR recedes nicely.

4. Spring clean a bedroom!

In this case, my little girls’ room. How hard can it be, right? How long could it take? Brace yourselves. My children are chronic hoarders of crap. A dozen supermarket bags full of trash, broken plastic what-nots, bric-a-brac, and miscellanea later and that’s just what was under their beds and hiding in the toy box! I haven’t even started on their wardrobe. It took all of Saturday and Sunday afternoon but oh the glorious smugness of a clear floor. One can’t feel bad about a neglected first draft or review copies waiting to be read when you’re spring cleaning! What’s collecting dust under your bed? Behind your dresser?

3. Pausing over old treasures!

Memory-lane is a sweet place linger. A good tidy up unearths old treasures, photo-albums and journals. Some of my favourite things to keep are the kids’ old “Story Writing” books from school. Dragons, mermaids and talking animals feature a lot. The kids laugh at their handwriting and illustrations. It always warms my heart. See how writing/reading guilt can be smoothed away?

2. Setting aside items for Goodwill or the Salvation Army!

This weekend we culled soft-toys, dress-ups, dolls, tea-sets, books, games and clothes that the girls had grown out of. We put the teddies and costumes through the wash and wiped down the plastic toys. The girls loved choosing things to giveaway – great opportunity to be generous and help others. Have you got anything you could donate to help others have a great Christmas? You can’t feel bad about your draft or your TBR when you’re doing good deeds!
And the number one best way I procrastinated this weekend …

1. Binge watching Gilmore Girls!!!

ARGH!!! I have been binge re-watching the original series in preparation for the Gilmore Girls Revival over the last couple of months and it was AGONISING listening to my eldest daughter squealing and wailing in her bedroom as she watched the new episodes without me! I am halfway through season 6 and live in TERROR of spoilers!!! So, I squeezed in several episodes this weekend and I HAVE NO REGRETS!!! Any Gilmore fans out there?!
Well, I hope I’ve inspired you! Now … I better get back to my WIP!!!! ARGH!!!

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Watch out for more chances to win this series!

Kelly @ Diva Booknerd will be hosting her giveaway and with another special post from the author next week.

Rachael Craw herself will be hosting the final giveaway, keep an eye out for her newsletter for all the exciting details!


  1. How exciting the trilogy has wrapped up...maybe not for new readers, but I don't like starting series that are still releasing since it's took hard to keep up. Fellow GG fan here and I'm SO excited for Lauren Graham's new book, Talking As Fast As I Can, so I'd love a copy for Christmas.

    p.s. I think I follow you via GFC, but when I went to check, I couldn't find the widget?

    1. I can definitely understand wanting to start a series when you know all the books are already released! The wait for these ones was definitely worth it though :) Thanks for stopping by Rebecca and hope you get what you're wishing for once Christmas comes around. Just checked and the widget should be working now. Thanks for stopping by!


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