#LoveOzYABloggers - I'm not crying, *you're* crying

Tuesday, 1 August 2017


For this edition's prompt, I've chosen three books which may not be as well known, but deserve recognition for their emotional storylines and twists that do trigger those '#allthefeels' moments. From the repercussions of a tragedy on a whole community, to the sense of kinship and camaraderie in the depths of the Australian wilderness, and the glimmer of hope in a family crisis, these novels all left an impact on me in the years since I've read them.

The Accident by Kate Hendrick

Set in Sydney's north shore, in The Accident Kate Hendrick has written a nuanced portrayal of the aftermath of a fatal car crash on the lives of the teens involved. Following three teens whose lives already had their own hurdles before this shattering event, the story takes on more depth and meaning as you come to know the characters better with each chapter. As a debut, this was definitely impressive. It may have been four years since I read this, but I still remember the sense of realism it brought to these sorts of accidents which we hear about on the news every night, but may feel detached from otherwise.

Into that Forest by Louis Nowra

One of my favourite things about #LoveOzYA is that there are so many truly unique stories with premises that stand out from the crowd. Into that Forest may be slightly eerie and unnerving at times as it details the lives of two young girls stranded in the Tasmanian wilderness, but what really stood out was how Hannah and Rebecca survived. Interestingly the point of them being raised by Tasmanian tigers (before they became extinct) alludes to supposedly true events.

Flyaway by Lucy Christopher

Flyaway is beautifully written and lyrical, portraying the line between life and death with a sensitivity for the characters which touches your heart. Lucy Christopher's other novel Stolen is similarly emotional, though in this one there is a tenderness of a different kind which brought me to tears when I first read it. The bird imagery is appropriate without feeling cliche, and delivers on the type of read you expect something like this to be. 

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  1. Both Into The Forest by Louis Nowra and The Accident by Kate Hendrick sound great - I've never heard of them before! There's so many #LoveOzYA I need to read!

    1. I know what you mean Hannah - at least there's such an amazing selection to choose from!


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