Genie's Weekly News (35)

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Hi everyone and welcome to my weekly blog feature to recap the week with bookish news and what to expect coming up! So without further ado...

*Reading Right Now*


I'm in the mood for YA contemporary right now - so this should be good.

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*In The Bookish World*

#booksfortradeAU is still happening!
If you have any books to swap feel free to use the hashtag and trade for some new reads.

*From The Interwebs*


Thank you to Walker Books Australia for the review copy!
This looks like an interesting exploration of a tumultuous time in Australian history, though one which needs to be told.

*What I've Been Watching*

Endless Love was overall enjoyable, albeit predictable. Even so, a sweet love story where rich girl and boy-with-rough-past meet and overcome challenges along the way. Sounds cliche? Definitely. Yet, when you know there will be a happy ending, sometimes this is what you need.

*Giveaway Reminder*

In other news, it's three assessments down and four to go! I'm getting there and it'll sure be nice to have a break (well sort of since even then there will still be work to do) in a few weeks.

How has your week been?


  1. I've heard of the event behind Freedom Ride and while it isn't something I would ordinarily read, I would be curious to see what you thought of it! Kissing in America definitely interests me, although it could just be that cover ^^' It's so eye-catching.

    1. I'm looking forward to reading it Alise - I do read some Aussie YA historical fiction, but haven't read anything like that before so it should be good. The cover definitely looks good, I love the take on the signs!

  2. Congrats on getting through your exams! Not long to go now. And holidays are soon, right? Plenty time for reading. ;) How is Kissing in America? I haven't heard all that much about it yet.

    1. Thanks Kara, I'm definitely looking forward to the holidays! Kissing in America is promising so far, sweet and easy to read.


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