Shadowhunters Series Giveaway! (AU)

Monday, 8 February 2016

With the exciting screening of Cassandra Clare's 'Shadowhunters' series on Netflix, there are also new editions of the books in the series (and they look pretty amazing).

Thanks to the lovely people at Walker Books Australia, I'm giving away one full set of the books to a lucky Australian winner!

What do you think of these new covers, and cover re-designs of popular series in general? 


  1. I am so ridiculously in love with these new covers! Most of the time, I'm really disappointed in cover changes (looking at you, Winner's Curse), but I was actually never a fan of the original Mortal Instruments covers, so this is kind of a blessing, haha XD And the COLOURS and the SPINE COVER THINGY, and just the general prettiness of the whole series. I need them in my life :D

  2. The Mortal Instruments series is one of my all-time favourites! It's the series that got me into blogging actually (since I went online to find out more about the series and that led my to Goodreads that led me to blogger friends who encouraged me to start a blog of my own etc. etc.). I don't know what I would be doing if I didn't love this series so much.

    I'm not sure I 100% completely love the covers, to be honest. I think I prefer the old ones... but those spines! *swoons* They're gorgeous.

  3. I absolutely LOVE this series. And oh my gosh, those spines are seriously to die for!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I do LOVE the art on these new covers. They are so pretty. I have hardcovers signed and paperbacks signed by CC when I flew to Melbourne in 2011. I started reading this series waaay back when. Absolutely adore it. These news covers are amazing. I actually picked my paperbacks up in Big W when Hunger Games were on the shelf and I think 3 books released in TMI and 2 in Hunger Games. Or maybe only one released in Hunger Games at the time. Now my kids are reading these books and erm watching the tv series with me. Hehehe :) Thank you for the chance. :)

  5. These covers are amazing! I've previously read the first book, but wasn't a fan for reasons. But after Paper Fury's recent post she has sold me on the series and I hope to fall in love with it like everyone else has. Thanks for the chance!

  6. Oh man, I hope I win one of these lol! I want to win this because it's seriously such a beautiful set!


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